Who Are We?

Millennial With a Cane is a comedy-drama about an MS patient who comes to terms with the disease. 

The feature film will be directed by its screenwriter, L. Tanner Smith, who himself has MS. 

Millennial With a Cane is an urban coming-of-age story about young adults who are at that point where they have to (or feel they have to) decide what they want to do with their lives…even when they are stricken with neurological diseases. In a time when “invisible illness” is getting more recognition and confusion, MWAC will speak for those who are going through the motions and need reassurance that they are not alone. It will also be informative for those who don’t (but hopefully want to) understand it. Due to the humor that is scattered to balance the real-as-hell issues at work here, the film will also be entertaining to others who will hopefully learn something in the process, which is what a good “dramedy” (comedy-drama) is supposed to accomplish. 

Right now, we have a script and a vision, and now, we’re getting ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign online! As new developments occur, we’ll blog and post updates as we embark on the treacherous journey of bringing this film to life!

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