Pitch Video

by L. Tanner Smith

Yesterday, the crowdfunding campaign began, with a GoFundMe page that included a pitch video and info about what the donations will go into in the making of the film. You can find it at http://gofundme.com/mwacfilm/

The video was made with help from my frequent collaborator (and fiancee) Kelly Woodruff. She ran sound for the video, she gave permission for me to use clips of her from one of our films (“Because of Kelly,” available on Amazon Prime), AND she was the model for the poster image (those legs with the cane are hers). Providing the voiceover narration for the video is Jackie Jarvis, a friend who had acted in our previous feature “The Cold” (also on Prime).

So far, so good. We raised $120–not bad for the first day!

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