“Love is Tricky” and Updates

The latest update is this: we’ve reached $595 in crowdfunding, and I’ve applied for a grant that will definitely help with more funding. We’re still taking donations at gofundme.com/mwacfilm/ and any/all help is appreciated.

It’s been surprisingly easy to find a crew so far (well, for the most part–there are still positions to be filled and anything can happen from now to production in July). As for the cast, we’re scheduling appointments, receiving video auditions, and of course, prepping for the next casting call Saturday, November 16th.

But the biggest update is this: we are planning a series of micro-shorts for the MWAC campaign. These are going to be 1-3 minute films that each have to deal with living/coping with MS. Each one is going to be posted on the crowdfunder and our Facebook page one at a time (no specific pattern is set yet–we’re still in the development process).

We’ll begin with “Love is Tricky,” a monologue-piece about a couple (played by myself and Kelly Woodruff) who questions their future as MS becomes progressive. (Music by Matthew Lentz.)

You can check it out here.

More updates to come soon!

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