Casting Announcement–Christie Courville as “Blair” and Ashley Moreland as “Lynn”

By L. Tanner Smith (director/co-writer/producer)

We’re very excited to announce that Christie Courville and Ashley Moreland will be joining the cast of Millennial With a Cane!

Christie Courville
Ashley Moreland

Christie and Ashley play Blair and Lynn, MS patients who attend the support group and give helpful advice to the film’s protagonists.

  1. What drew you to this project (and/or your roles)?

Christie: I was drawn to this film, and to the role of Blair, because the story hit close to home. I have had a few friends who have MS. I have also been tested for MS three times while trying to find a diagnosis for my autoimmune issues. 

Ashley: I was drawn to the role of Lynn right away. She is very strong but still vulnerable. I am very honored to get to portray her!

2. Why do you want to participate in this project?

Christie: I want to participate in this project because the story is truthful and touching. I think it brings a lot of awareness to a disease that not many understand.

Ashley: I am very excited to be a part of this very meaningful project! My husband and I have a close friend afflicted with MS so this is an opportunity for me to help spread awareness while learning more about the disease myself.

3. Who do you think MWAC will speak to? Why should people be interested in it?

Christie: I think this film will speak to many. Those who live with MS, family members, and those who may live with many other types of disease and autoimmune issues. People will be interested in it, because it is a story about persistence and strength. 

Ashley: Millennial With a Cane is a window inside of a life lived with MS.  Everyone will get something out of this story, but to me, it especially speaks to those with a loved one or who are themselves afflicted with this disease. There is big heart in this story, and that speaks to just about everyone.

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