Casting Announcement–Liz Hackworth as “Lily Stevens”

By L. Tanner Smith (director/co-writer/producer)

We’re very happy and excited to announce that Liz Hackworth will be joining the cast of Millennial With a Cane!

Liz Hackworth

Liz will be playing the pivotal role of Lily Stevens–Delilah’s tall, conservative best friend who still lives with her middle-class suburban parents. Lily has an uneasy outlook on Del’s illness, which only surfaces as Del’s symptoms get worse. This character goes through one of the most important arcs of the story.

Liz’s interview:

1) What drew you to this project (and/or the role of Lily)? I was drawn to the role of Lily by her diverse, sometimes borderline irresponsible, displays of emotion and her being at the point in life where she’s forging her own way – she’s finding out whether and where she wants to separate from formerly defining relationships, make her own choices/decide some things for herself, and forge her own path; I feel at a very similar stage in my life, and I’m looking forward to letting those similarities inform my connection with this character.

2) Why do you want to participate in this project? I love when I have the opportunity to help make art with a message.  The story of this film and even some of the dialogue have been born out of a lot of Tanner’s personal life experiences as a person who has MS, and I’m honored to help give voice and substance to this story he’s ready to tell.  One of the things I love most about being an actor is helping people tell their stories.

3) Who do you think Millennial With a Cane will speak to? Why should people be interested in it? I hope Millennial With A Cane will speak to everyone in some way or another. I hope it fosters understanding of MS, gives hope to those facing hardships, and lends credence to the value of exercising receiving kindness and forgiveness in life.

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