Casting Announcement–Heather Elaine as “Delilah ‘Del’ Stone”

This is the big one! We’re very happy and excited to announce that Delilah “Del” Stone, the lead role, the titular “Millennial With a Cane,” the main character we’ll be following throughout the feature film, has been given to the very talented Kansas City actress Heather Elaine!

Heather Elaine

Delilah “Del” Stone is an aspiring actress in her mid-20s, sarcastic and witty but possesses a good heart. She’s always used humor as a defense mechanism. While she’s often alone, she never feels lonely because she’s comfortable with herself, even when her Multiple Sclerosis flares up. She’s often tired, even exhausted, but she knows rest is important for energy spent later and doesn’t complain about it. She’s sometimes cocky but she does know when to shut up and focus.

We’ve seen many talented actresses read for the complex role of Del–I was looking for someone who could effortlessly capture Del’s sharp comedic wit and her dramatic vulnerability. Heather presented both qualities to a T. And I look forward to directing her for the feature. I believe she’s more than capable of carrying the film on her shoulders.

And so far, she’s been a ton of fun to work with–check out the latest MWAC vignette, Writer’s Block (aka The Writer & Delilah):

Writer’s Block (aka The Writer & Delilah)

You can check out more of her work in film, theatre & commercials at

Heather’s interview will be posted shortly.

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