MWAC Production–Day 1

By L. Tanner Smith

Despite a scheduled three days for the first week of production for Millennial With a Cane, we were only able shoot for one day this week…but what a day it was!

Heather Elaine as Delilah

We started filming MWAC on Monday, July 6th. We shot a few scenes involving our lead actress Heather Elaine as RRMS patient Delilah “Del” Stone. Much of the time, Heather had to act with her facial expressions–whether it was limping up some stairs, injecting herself with a medicinal pen, or struggling to find a new job at her computer, Heather had to communicate with the camera through thought. And then, we ended the day by letting her use her comedic talents for a scene in which Del plays with a newly-purchased folding cane. (You’ll see–those things are indeed fun to play with! Trust me, I know.)

The scenes took place in Del’s apartment…which is actually my apartment redecorated to become Del’s. (Much of the decor is a bunch of posters on the wall for obscure indie short works, many of which I was involved with and got permission to use by the films’ directors. There’s also an “LP bowl,” which is exactly what it sounds like, in the center of the dining table, plus a couple of sunset paintings created by co-producer Kelly Woodruff.)

It was a great first day. I’d be more upset about the scheduling conflicts that arose for the rest of the week, if we didn’t have a great first day of filming. And I look forward to the next day.

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