“Recasting” Announcement–Lily Gojcevic as “Lily Stevens”

By L. Tanner Smith

I’m very pleased to announce that Lily Gojcevic will be taking the role of Lily Stevens in “Millennial With a Cane.”

Lily Gojcevic

The role was originally given to actress Liz Hackworth, but due to scheduling conflicts, I had to recast. (But it’s OK–she’s a talented singer-songwriter; if Liz and my music composer Josh Rousseau put their heads together, they can surely come up with something good!)

But now we have Lily Gojcevic. Looking back at her audition footage (all three of them: original, callback, and second-callback–yeah, the role of Lily was hard to cast!!), she definitely has the right attitude and I have no doubt that she will do a great job and make all of us at MWAC very proud!

Lily Stevens–Delilah’s tall, conservative best friend who still lives with her middle-class suburban parents. Lily has an uneasy outlook on Del’s illness, which only surfaces as Del’s symptoms get worse. This character goes through one of the most important arcs of the story.

And now, Lily G.’s interview:

  1. What originally drew you to this project and/or the role of Lily?

I thought it was a very unique script, and it talked about MS, which I had never seen a story about before. And Lily’s character was really interesting because I think a lot of people can relate to the struggle of someone trying to understand the illness, and using a character to help speak for it is really important. 

2. Why do you want to participate in this project?

This project’s actually really personal to me, because my aunt has scleroderma which is an autoimmune disorder. And I’ve watched her struggle through it at work and not understand what was happening. Anything that helps bring awareness to something like that is very important. 

3. Who do you think “MWAC” will speak to? Why should people be interested in it?

I definitely think it’ll speak to anyone who has MS or any people who are close to someone who has something like that. And I really hope it does reach as many people as possible because it is a real illness and I think when people have a better understanding of it, it makes it easier for patients to feel accepted. 

4. Are you excited for your first filming date?

Oh hell yeah!!!

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