Update–Where Have We Been??

By L. Tanner Smith

Hello! I’m so sorry this blog has been MIA for the past…year…I should apologize a second time. BUT a lot’s happened with Millennial With a Cane and a lot continues to happen! Where do I begin?

First of all, the film is 88 minutes long–which is good, because I personally love short movies.

It had its world premiere on September 30, 2021 in Shawnee, Kansas. The turnout was excellent, with more than half the auditorium filled! You can check out the highlight video for the event here:

Then came time to submit to many festivals…it got rejected by many–BUT it did get into three very good ones so far: the Sunny Side Up Film Festival (in Miami, Oklahoma), the Bare Bones Film & Music Festival (in Muskogee, Oklahoma), and the Kansas City Film Festival International (in KCMO).

At the Sunny Side Up festival, which took place March 18th-20th, 2022, MWAC was nominated for many awards, including Best Feature Film–it took home 3 honors: Best Comedy Feature, Best Inspirational Film, and Best Supporting Actor (for KC actor Jamie Campbell, who played Joel, the therapy group leader).

The Bare Bones festival will kick off on April 29th. MWAC will screen Saturday, April 30th–more info can be found here. It’s currently nominated for Best Comedy/Dramedy and I myself am nominated for the festival’s Indie Auteur Filmmaker of the Year award!

The KC FilmFest acceptance was a blessing to me. Since I live near the KC film scene and work with so many of the people within it, I hoped a feature film of mine would be accepted by this festival, which is also considered a high-ranking festival in the country. (I did have a microshort in the festival in 2020: the MWAC vignette Barista. That festival was virtual–a big plus for having a feature in the festival in 2022 is that it’s in-person.)

MWAC screens for the KCFFI on Monday, April 25th–more info can be found here.

That’s what’s happening now with MWAC, and the next time I post on here won’t take another year. (Perhaps I should apologize a third time?)

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