MWAC Production Days 5-10

By L. Tanner Smith If I had to choose a percentage that describes how close we are to finishing the production process, I’d say we’re about 65-70% completed with filming. And considering how messy things were at the start of production, that’s a real good place to be. We have only a few “urgent” scenesContinue reading “MWAC Production Days 5-10”

“Recasting” Announcement–Lily Gojcevic as “Lily Stevens”

By L. Tanner Smith I’m very pleased to announce that Lily Gojcevic will be taking the role of Lily Stevens in “Millennial With a Cane.” The role was originally given to actress Liz Hackworth, but due to scheduling conflicts, I had to recast. (But it’s OK–she’s a talented singer-songwriter; if Liz and my music composerContinue reading ““Recasting” Announcement–Lily Gojcevic as “Lily Stevens””

Elissa Schrader as “Meadow Keaton”

By L. Tanner Smith NOTE: Yes, I am aware this post is really late, as we’re well into production. But I have another recasting announcement to make soon, and I realized I forgot to interview Elissa for the blog, so…better late than never, right? Back in April, there was a scheduling conflict that caused meContinue reading “Elissa Schrader as “Meadow Keaton””

MWAC Production Days 2-4

By L. Tanner Smith In my previous post, I mentioned that we’ve had some scheduling difficulties…it got worse. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s just a crazy year for everyone. Things kept coming up, whether it was sickness or personal issues or something else that just couldn’t be helped. And it’s a small indie project anyway, whichContinue reading “MWAC Production Days 2-4”

Casting Announcement–Heather Elaine as “Delilah ‘Del’ Stone”

This is the big one! We’re very happy and excited to announce that Delilah “Del” Stone, the lead role, the titular “Millennial With a Cane,” the main character we’ll be following throughout the feature film, has been given to the very talented Kansas City actress Heather Elaine! Delilah “Del” Stone is an aspiring actress inContinue reading “Casting Announcement–Heather Elaine as “Delilah ‘Del’ Stone””