We are looking for (1) lead and (10) supporting actors, as well as featured and background extras.

Filming will take place in and/or around Kansas City and is scheduled for July 2020–shoot dates TBA.

Lead roles will be needed every day of production. Supporting cast will NOT be needed every day of production. Compensation depends on experience. Meals will be provided.


DELILAH “DEL” STONE—mid-20s, an aspiring actress, sarcastic and witty but possesses a good heart. She’s always used humor as a defense mechanism. While she’s often alone, she never feels lonely because she’s comfortable with herself, even when her Multiple Sclerosis flares up. She’s often tired, even exhausted, but she knows rest is important for energy spent later and doesn’t complain about it. She’s sometimes cocky but she does know when to shut up and focus. LEAD ROLE

LIAM JACOBS—mid-20s, budding writer/playwright, friendly and optimistic but not entirely naive. Because of his primary-progressive MS, he often uses an ambulatory wheelchair as his legs are weak. He doesn’t let it bring him down, however. To simplify this character would be to say, “If Lloyd Dobler from ‘Say Anything’ was in a wheelchair, he’d be Liam Jacobs.” KEY SUPPORTING ROLE

MEADOW KEATON—mid-20s, hospital pharmacist, perky and energetic but also wise and motherly. Meadow has no hair due to alopecia aerata, but not for a moment does that bother her. KEY SUPPORTING ROLE

LILY STEVENS–mid-20s, Delilah’s tall, conservative best friend who still lives with her middle-class suburban parents. Lily has an uneasy outlook on Del’s illness, which only surfaces and gets worse as Del’s symptoms get worse. She doesn’t feel she’s being insensitive; she feels justified for the things she thinks and says. KEY SUPPORTING ROLE

JOEL30s-40s, the MS support group leader. He himself does not have MS, but he feels respectful just for starting the group. He maintains a positive attitude for everybody.

BLAIR40s, part of the MS support group. She has trouble letting her words out even if she feels passion for what she’s saying.

LYNN30s, a 4th-grade teacher who also attends the support group. Sometimes uses walking crutches.

BILL60s, Del’s cranky former boss who doesn’t like Del’s attitude.

ANDREA—early-20s, the kind general manager at Del’s old job who sympathizes with Del but is powerless to stop her termination. 

PAUL—50s, Liam’s WASPy father who overcompensates for his son’s disease.

GUS20s, Lily’s bro-ey, jerk of a date. (“There won’t be a second date.”)

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