Casting Announcement–McKenzie Stell as “Meadow Keaton”

By L. Tanner Smith (director/co-writer/producer)

We’re so close to having our official cast rounded up for “Millennial With a Cane,” which will commence production July 2020!

For this blog, I’ll be sharing individual cast/crew announcements, complete with questions and answers for these talented people that we’re very excited to work with. I’d like to start with the announcement of one of the key players of the cast: McKenzie Stell.

McKenzie Stell

McKenzie has accepted the role of “Meadow Keaton” in “Millennial With a Cane.” The character description: mid-20s, hospital pharmacist, perky and energetic but also wise and motherly. Meadow has no hair due to alopecia aerata, but not for a moment does that bother her. KEY SUPPORTING ROLE

McKenzie previously acted in one of the “MWAC” vignettes: “Barista.”

I asked her questions about her involvement in the project (particularly, why she decided to take part in “MWAC”). Here’s what she came up with:

  1. What drew you to this project (and/or the role of Meadow)?

First of all, you and I have been making movies for a long time, and I like our dynamic together. So when you told me you were doing this, I decided to get involved. What drew me to Meadow was her heart and the way that she cares for the people around her. 

2. Why do you want to participate in this project?

I want to participate because I feel like it’s relevant, and because I feel like this is an important story and viable to a lot of people because not a lot of people discuss chronic illness. People who have it will understand and people who don’t have it can have an idea of what something like MS is, and this could help to define at least one version of it. I feel it’s important because it gives people a voice who can’t necessarily put a voice to MS. 

McKenzie with the “Barista” crew.

3. Describe your experience in making “Barista.”

Definitely fun, for sure! But also, I appreciated the gravity of the situation. Daniel Lee Harris (co-star in “Barista”) is a star in every since of the word and it was great to work with him. I feel like you brought gravity to his character and the situation, and Daniel really brought out the seriousness of it. For me being a part of that really helped get in the mood for what we are trying to do. 

4. Do YOU think your waitress character in “Barista” is the same as Meadow Keaton?

I think it’s part of her, honestly—a small portion. It could be, but at the same time, her capacity in the film is very much on a “Friend” level, and so, while her attitude and mental state is very much in the surface portion of friendship, she wants to help them, she’s very loyal to them—I think it definitely shows one aspect of her. So, yes, I would say so. 

5. Who do you think “Millennial With a Cane” will speak to? Why should people be interested in it?

I think “MWAC” will speak to a wide variety of people—I don’t think it’s just going to be for people with MS. It’s for everyone who’s struggling with something, whether it’s physical or emotional. It not only touches upon MS but also emotions of people who have it or know someone who does or is struggling with something. And I think people should be interested in it because we don’t all really comprehend MS and I know it’s different for a lot of people—but I think the things that the characters experience lend themselves to a wider variety. We have the caregiver aspect, friend aspect, outsider aspect, and whatnot, so I think it’ll speak to everybody and they’ll be interested because it’s everybody’s story. It’s not just one person’s story. 

6. Because your character is bald, you’ll have to have all of your hair completely removed from your head. You sure you’re OK with that?

OMG yes! It’s just hair! And plus, I get to wear a cool wig!

We are very pleased to announce her as part of the cast and even more excited to work with her!

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